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Need more encouragement and inspiration?

The desire to put a personal touch on our home is a need that many of us can relate to. Today it's all about floors, walls and decorative things rather than cave paintings, but the purpose remains the same – to create a space you can call your own. A comfortable home to just be and live in, regular days as well as parties, alone, as a family and with guests.

The choices are many, and it's not always easy to know how and where you should begin to decorate your home in the best possible way. Therefore, we would like to help you a bit on the way by putting the focus on the walls. With wallpaper, you can create a cozy atmosphere and quickly change and enhance the feeling of a room. Here we will guide you with a basis for different interior design styles, but we also have guides based on rooms or colors – so don't give up if you can't find all of the answers right away!

In this guide, we present four popular styles of interior design: graphic, vintage, industrial and individual. We provide suggestions on furniture, design details and wallpaper patterns which adhere to the respective style, to make it easier for you to get your interior design project off the ground.

Let yourself be inspired and find an interior style that makes you long for your home through download our free style guide!

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